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  • Queens Hill
  • John Frost School

Queens Hill - John Frost School Monday to Fridays (excluding Bank Holidays)

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after, Fields Park Crescent, Fields Road, Clytha Park
before, Civic Centre Top Car Park, Fields Road, Newport
opposite, Church of Jesus Christ, Queens Hill, Shaftesbury
near, Wickes, Barrack Hill, Barrack Hill
before, Belvedere Terrace, Barrack Hill, Barrack Hill
nr, Marston Court, Barrack Hill, Barrack Hill
o/s, Raglan Barrack Gates, Allt-yr-yn View, Barrack Hill
before, Highcroft Road Top, Allt-yr-yn View, Barrack Hill
opposite, Highcroft, Allt-yr-yn Road, Allt-yr-yn
near, Tennis Club, Allt-yr-yn Road, Allt-yr-yn
opp, Allt-yr-yn Close, Allt-yr-yn Avenue, Allt-yr-yn
after, Redbrook Road, Ridgeway, Ridgeway
o/s 31, Glasllwch Crescent, Glasllwch Crescent, Glasllwch
after, Groves Road, Western Avenue, Glasllwch
before, Melbourne Way Turn, Western Avenue, Glasllwch
after, Quebec Close, Melbourne Way, Glasllwch
opposite, Glasllwch Junior School, Melbourne Way, Glasllwch
after, Melbourne Way, Risca Road, Glasllwch
after, Nant Coch Drive, Risca Road, Glasllwch
opp, Coed Melyn Park, Risca Road, Caerau Park
o/s, St John The Baptist, Risca Road, Caerau Park
after, West Park Road, Bassaleg Road, Stelvio Park
opp, Cemetery Gates, Bassaleg Road, Stelvio Park
o/s, Post Office, Bassaleg Road, Stelvio Park
outside 12, Gaer Park Club, Highfield Road, Stelvio Park
outside, Hillside, Gaer Road, Gaer
opp 69, Shakespeare Crescent, Shakespeare Crescent, Gaer
before, Keats Close, Shakespeare Crescent, Gaer
before, Dickens Drive, Shakespeare Drive, Gaer
before, Wells Close, Shakespeare Crescent, Gaer
after, Morton Way, Shakespeare Crescent, Gaer
o/s, Gear Baptist Church, Shakespeare Crescent, Gaer
after, Drinkwater Gardens, Masefield Vale, Gaer
opposite, Post Office, Cardiff Road, Maesglas
o/s, Maesglas Shops, Cardiff Road, Maesglas
before, Park Drive, Cardiff Road, Maesglas
footpath, Pine Grove, Lighthouse Road, Duffryn
opposite footbridge, Chaffinch Way, Lighthouse Road, Duffryn
Stand 1, The John Frost School , School Grounds, Duffryn
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