Stagecoach announces changes to bus depot arrangements

Stagecoach announces changes to bus depot arrangements

29 January 2023

Stagecoach has confirmed that it will be making some changes to the depots out of which some of its services in South Wales operate from, with effect from Sunday 5 February. Customers will see no bus service reductions as a result of the depot changes.  

  • All services that currently operate from Blackwood depot to move to the new £7m depot at Cwmbran and the Caerphilly Depot
  • All bus services retained for customers
  • Staff relocated to other Stagecoach depots

Blackwood depot will close and instead services will operate from the new £7m Cwmbran depot, which has additional capacity, and from the Caerphilly depot.  

The change will see employees who wish to remain with the company relocating to other Stagecoach South Wales depots with Stagecoach providing staff with assistance to relocate. 

Nigel Winter, Managing Director for Stagecoach South Wales, said: “We were pleased to open our brand new £7m depot at Cwmbran last year, which has extra capacity to keep and maintain our buses. We have now carried out a review of our depot arrangements and moving forward, all the buses that currently operate from Blackwood depot will be moved to either the new larger depot at Cwmbran or to Caerphilly depot.

“Customers will see no reduction to their bus services as a result of this, and all the drivers and maintenance staff who wish to remain with Stagecoach are relocating to our other depots in South Wales with assistance from Stagecoach. 

“We would like to thank all our people for their help and support as we transfer our services from Blackwood depot.” 

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