Sustrans Cymru release new Manifesto for the 2021 Senedd Elections: Tomorrow’s Wales, for Everyone

01 February 2021

The manifesto sets out 12 asks for the next Welsh Government to make Wales a nation of connected and inclusive communities.

Sustrans Cymru’s vision for Tomorrow’s Wales has never been more relevant. Imagine a society in which everyone is able to walk or cycle in their neighbourhoods. Schools, shops and workplaces are within easy reach, and our towns are accessible, green and vibrant.

In the words of Sustrans Cymru Director, Christine Boston: “We want to see a world where people are connected via sustainable transport and active travel, and where not having a car does not affect your ability to be included in society.”

Below are Sustrans Cymru’s 12 asks of the next Welsh Government which, if implemented, would make a profound difference for the future generations of Wales.


Investing in safe and healthy travel:

Ask 1: Dedicate at least 10% of the total transport budget for active travel, including provision for local authorities to be equipped to deliver on the Active Travel Act and a revenue funding stream for behaviour change.

Ask 2: Create a separate capital fund of £20m each year for the development and improvement of the National Cycle Network to ensure it is fully accessible for everyone.


Inspiring future generations to walk and cycle:

Ask 3: Ensure every child in Wales has access to a cycle, and free cycle training.

Ask 4: Set up a programme for School Streets embedded within neighbourhoods that enable children to independently travel to and from school.


Create a Wales of 20-minute Neighbourhoods

Ask 5: Help local authorities create towns and cities that put people first by making 20-minute neighbourhoods a central principle in local planning, transport, health and economic policy.

Ask 6: Apply the sustainable transport hierarchy to all transport and planning policy and investment decisions to ensure Wales prioritises people and their access services, while reducing car dependency.


Transport for everyone

Ask 7: Prioritise sustainable transport options by fully integrating walking, cycling with the wider public transport network, ensuring it serves all users equitably.

Ask 8: Ensure 20mph speed limits are implemented by 2023 as the default speed limit in all built up areas and pavement parking is banned across Wales.

Ask 9: Legislate for a Clean Air Act within the first term of office.


Access to nature

Ask 10: We are calling on the next Welsh Government to establish a National Greenways Programme to provide better access to nature for everyone across Wales.


Delivering Success

Ask 11: Improve the diversity of representation on the Active Travel Board and raise the status
of the Board to a Commission that is able to hold the Welsh Government to account.

Ask 12: Set challenging targets for active travel and conduct an annual high-quality National Transport Survey to evaluate success.


Information Source: Sustrans Cymru

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