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  • Chepstow
  • Monmouth
 This timetable is valid until 16/05/2021

Chepstow - Monmouth via Trellech Monday to Fridays (excluding Bank Holidays)

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in, Chepstow Comprehensive School, Grounds, Crossway Green
in, Welsh Street, Welsh Street, Chepstow
after, St Kingsmark Avenue, Welsh Street, Chepstow
at, Bus Station 4, Thomas Street, Chepstow
opp, Chepstow Community Hosp, St Lawrence Road, Chepstow
after, Kingsmark Lane, St Lawrence Road, Crossway Green
before, Lions` Lodge, Itton Road, Crossway Green
nr, Sandy Way, Itton Road, Crossway Green
opp, Yew Tree Cottage, Itton Road, Crossway Green
nr, Cophill Farm, Itton Road, Howick
nr, Little Cophill, Itton Road, Howick
opp, Howick Lodge, Itton Road, Howick
at, Cross Bleddyn, Itton Road, Itton Common
after, Finger Post, Chepstow Road, Itton Common
at, Glyn Road, Chepstow Road, Devauden
nr, Devauden Court, B4293, Devauden
nr, Wesley House, Chepstow Road, Devauden
after, St James` Church, Church Road, Devauden
o/s, Tredean Lodge, Chepstow Road, Devauden
nr, Billets Lane, Chepstow Road, Creigau
opp, New Inn Cottage, Chepstow Road, Cobblers Plain
o/s, Yew Tree Bungalow, Chepstow Road, Cobblers Plain
at, Cobbler`s Plain, Chepstow Road, Cobblers Plain
at, Crosshands, Chepstow Road, Star Hill
nr, Dinmore Cottage, Chepstow Road, Star Hill
nr, Gable Cottage, Chepstow Road, Llanishen
after, Llanishen Cross, Chepstow Road, Llanishen
o/s, Carpenters Arms, Chepstow Road, Llanishen
at, Pantglas, Chepstow Road, Llanishen
at, Parkhouse, Chepstow Road, Trelleck
at, Highmead, Chepstow Road, Trelleck
o/s, Court Farm, Church Street, Trelleck
nr, Lion Hotel, B4293, Trelleck
before, Warren`s Turn, Greenway Lane, Maryland
opp, Rock Cottage, Narth Road, Maryland
before, Penyfan Turn, Narth Road, The Narth
nr, May Cottages, Main Road, The Narth
o/s, Forest View, Main Road, The Narth
nr, Court Hope, Main Road, The Narth
before, Newmills Cross, Narth Road, Newmills
after, Springfield Farm, Main Road, Hoop
before, Meend Corner, Main Road, Hoop
nr, Cross Vane, Lone Lane, Pen-twyn
before, Penallt Church, Main Road, Pen-twyn
o/s, White House Farm, Main Road, Pen-twyn
before, Old Church Turn, Main Road, Pen-twyn
opp, Primary School, Monmouth Road, Trelleck
after, Warren`s Turn, Monmouth Road, Trelleck
nr, Rock Cottage, Monmouth Road, Trelleck
after, Peckett Stone, Monmouth Road, Trelleck
before, Five Trees Lane, B4293, Trelleck
nr, Gocket Inn, B4293, Lydart
nr, Cae Jack, B4293, Lydart
opp, Whitehouse Farm, B4293, Lydart
nr, Carpenter`s Shop, B4293, Lydart
o/s, Lydart Farm, B4293, Lydart
before, Trelleck Turn, B4263, Mitchel Troy
before, Beach Road, Portal Road, Monmouth
nr, Cinderhill, Cinderhill Street, Over Monnow
in, Bus Station, Monnow Street, Monmouth
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