Park and ride


What are Park & Ride services?

Park & Ride services are an easy and convenient way of getting around without having to worry about driving or parking in the town centre. Simply park your car at the Park & Ride site most convenient to you, hop on the bus and make your way to your travel destination with ease.


Why use Park & Ride services?

  • Park & Ride services help ease congestion along roads leading into and within busy city and town centres.
  • Most Park & Ride services cost the same as a local bus service. This can be significantly cheaper than the cost of parking in a busy city or town centre.
  • By reducing your use of the car and making part of your journey by bus, you are cutting your carbon emissions and helping to protect the environment from pollution.
  • With the time saved travelling by Park & Ride rather than sitting in traffic, you have more time to explore and make the most of your day.


Where can I find Park and Ride information?

Using our dedicated Travel Map, you can find all the information you need about Park & Ride services in Wales:

  • Visit the Traveline Cymru Travel Map
  • Search for the location you want to travel within
  • Click on the ‘Park & Ride’ icons that appear in that area.

You can then access timetable information, fares information, details of facilities in and around the Park & Ride site and much more.