Cardiff Bay Barrage temporarily closed to walkers and cyclists for 4 evenings of concerts at Alexandra Head

13 September 2021

The barrage at Cardiff Bay will be mostly shut to cyclists and walkers in the evenings of Thursday 16th to Sunday 19th September.

The closures are due to four concerts at Alexandra Head: rock band Biffy Clyro on Thursday, a drum’n’bass night on Friday, a house night on Saturday, and disco band Nile Rodgers and Chic on Sunday.

The barrage will be closed from the Porth Teigr roundabout to the Penarth end of the barrage. People going to the concerts can only enter and exit the events at the Porth Teigr roundabout.


What's closing when?

  • Thursday, 16 September: Biffy Clyro - barrage walkway from Teigr Way to Penarth shut from 16:30 BST until 00:30. In addition: Britannia Quay, Harbour Drive, and Teigr Way will be closed until about midnight
  • Friday, 17 September: Titan festival - with Pendulum - barrage walkway closed from 12:30 to 00:30
  • Saturday, 18 September: Titan festival - with Eric Prydz - barrage walkway closed from 12:30 to 00:30
  • Sunday, 19 September: Nile Rodgers all-day event - barrage walkway closed from 12:30 to 00:30. In addition: Britannia Way, Harbour Drive, and Teigr Way close from 12:00 until about midnight on Friday, Saturday and Sunday

During these times, the site will be open to ticket holders only. If you’re travelling from Penarth, please make sure you’re on the Cardiff side of the barrage before the site closes. If you’re a ticket holder, the entrance and exit for the events will be near the Porth Teigr roundabout, the Bay end of the barrage walkway.


Information Sources: BBC News and Wales Online

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