Traveline Cymru launch new ‘disruptions’ features led by customer feedback

01 June 2021

You will now be able to access disruptions by transport mode and see when a disruption has come to an end.

We are continually looking for ways to improve the clarity of information we deliver to you and the quality of information we receive from transport operators across Wales.

Based on customer feedback and our ongoing review of our website and services, we have made some changes to how we display disruption information, as well as some changes behind the scenes to further improve the information we deliver to you. Advanced notice disruptions feature on our dedicated disruptions page and filter through to our Journey Planner and Timetables page.


What changes are taking place?

  • Disruption Categorisations: All advanced notice service disruptions that we receive from transport operators will now be categorised into ‘Bus’, ‘Rail’, ‘Major Event’ and ‘Other’ on our disruptions page. This is to help you navigate the page more easily, rather than having to sift through lots of different disruptions. Some disruptions may feature under more than one category.
  • Disruptions shown as ‘Ended’: Disruptions will continue to show on this page and when pulled through to our Journey Planner and Timetables page for a set number of days after completion, but will be marked as ‘Ended’. This is to help avoid any confusion by disruptions suddenly disappearing off the website.


When will these changes take place?

These form Phase 1 of developments we are making to our disruptions information, which will be made live from 1st June. Work is currently underway on Phase 2 of the project and we hope to share further details of these developments in the months to come.


How can I share by feedback on these changes or get involved in future decision-making processes?

Your feedback is invaluable to us on projects such as these. If you would like to share your views on Phase 1 of the project or further improvements you would like to see included in Phase 2, please email

If you would like have your say on how we improve our services earlier in their development process and help shape the services we deliver, you may wish to join our Customer Insight Panel. There is no obligation to reply to all feedback surveys we send to our Customer Insight Panel, just the ones that you would like to share an opinion on.

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