Green Transport Week

Green Transport Week 2016

14 June 2016

This week is all about Green Transport Week, the initiative run by the Environmental Transport Association (ETA). ETA set up the first Green Transport Week in 1993 in a bid to raise awareness of the part transport has to play in the areas of personal safety, quality of life and health, as well as its broader global effect on our environment.

Green Transport Week is chance to celebrate sustainable transport and an opportunity for us all to consider the way we travel. It’s a great opportunity to raise awareness of the relationship between transport and the environment within schools and our workplaces, and how together we can make changes to the way we travel that will really make a difference.

Did you know?

  • As a proportion of distance travelled, the car accounts for 81% of our journeys, with walking only 3% and cycling 0.5%.*
  • The car is being used much more for shorter journeys, with 24% of car journeys less than 2 miles and 58% less than 5 miles.*

As much as we would all like to make better changes, we understand that making a change to our transport can be easier said than done. We all have our routines that we stick with, and sometimes, taking the car may simply the most viable option, particularly on longer routes. But we believe by starting off making smaller journey changes, you can start to build new ways of travelling into your everyday routines that suits you. Perhaps it’s catching the train to work, or taking the kids to school on the bus? By starting off small, you could find you discover an easier way of travelling that you hadn’t considered before.


So, with Green Transport Week in full swing, why not challenge yourself this week to swap one of your car journeys to the bus, train, bike, or even walk if you’re feeling brave! At Traveline Cymru, we’re here to help you find all the information you’ll need to make your journeys on public transport, from personalised journey plans, to bus timetables, route maps and much more. Simply head to our homepage to get started, or have a go on our journey planner here.

What inspires you to travel?

Sometimes, a little inspiration is all we need to get us trying new things. Our team love using Pinterest to share our travel inspirations with other users, and what it is that really makes us want to get out on public transport and explore new places, whether it’s the weather or simply time to ourselves to read or listen to music and watch our surroundings pass by.

Take a look over at our collaborative Pinterest boards to see what everyone is sharing and if inspiration strikes you to try a new transport method this week!


How can I get involved?

Looking to get involved? Great news! If you want to discover more about Green Transport Week, you can head over the ETA website here and get in touch with the team for support, advice and resources, along with help to publicise your activity on their website.

If you think you could swap some of your car journeys for public transport this week, do try out our Journey Planner here to get started; simply enter the details of your journey, and all the available public transport journeys will be displayed, including the times, stops and maps of the route.

Found the bus service that you need? If you head over to our Timetables page here, you can find the full timetable for your service, and also download the PDF version to take with you on your journey.

Will you be giving public transport a go this week? Let us know on Twitter @TravelineCymru and join the conversation using #GreenTransportWeek!


*Facts sourced from ETA.


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