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Lloyd George Avenue, Cardiff will be closed on Sunday 8th October from 08:30 until 17:00 due to road works. During this time, the Cardiff Bus Baycar (service) 6 will divert.

From 08:30 until approx. 12:30
Lloyd Geroge Avenue will be closed Northbound from 08:30 until approx. 12:30. Services to the City Centre will run from Wales Millennium Centre, The Flourish, Hemingway Road, Schooner Way, Herbert Street and return to normal route from Callaghan Square.

From 12:30 approx. until 17:00
Lloyd Geroge Avenue will be closed Soutbound from 12:30 approx. until 17:00. Services to Cardiff Bay will run along Herbert Street, Schooner Way, Hemingway Road and return to normal route at The Flourish.

The exact times of the roadworks moving from the Northbound to Southbound carriageway will depend upon the progress of the works during the day. 

Please see Cardiff Bus here for more information.